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There are two types of cotton string: elastic and non-elastic. The string (cold meat yarn) is used for manual or mechanical tying of ham, kasslers, sirloin and other cold meat products.

It is used to connect different pieces of meat with one another, to give them an appropriate shape and allow them to be hung in a smokehouse or in the oven. All strings are made of cotton yarn which is approved for contact with food.

Manual or mechanical tying of the raw, boiled, roasted or smoked cold meat products. You can simultaneously use the cellulose film so that the finished product acquires a better taste and appearance.

Elastic and non-elastic strings are produced in white.

The types of string available:

  • POLISH white string – 0.1 kg and 0.5 kg rolls (approx. 400 m);
  • EXTRA white string – 0.5 kg roll (about 700 m);
  • elastic – rubber braided in polyester yarn – around a 0.5 kg roll

The string is packed in foil in the amount of:

  • 20 rolls – POLISH white string  0.1 kg;
  • 8 rolls – POLISH white string  0.5 kg;
  • 30 rolls – EXTRA white string 0.5 kg;
  • 8 rolls – elastic

It is possible to purchase individual rolls of the string.