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Regenerated cellulose film is an eco-friendly product made from cellulose, which is quickly broken down in the natural environment (it is compostable). The cellulose film is tasteless and odorless. Our film is characterized by excellent transparency and gloss. Both sides of the film are equally prepared for printing and applying adhesives. The film is a cling film, intended for use as a single package and can be heat treated in the course of steaming and smoking. The relevant declaration of conformity can be included upon the sale of the cellulose film.

The cellulose film sold by us does not contain any substances, which, as a result of smoking, in the conditions of high humidity and high temperature, could get into the product and be detrimental to the health of our Consumers. Thanks to the high quality of our film, we can provide better film processing on machines (uniform thickness, greater resistance to fracture) and ensure that the raw materials and chemicals used for the production of the films in the direct contact with our product and in difficult smoking conditions pose no threat to our health or the environment.

If you would like the cellulose film to retain its properties, you should store it at the temperature of 16 °C to 24 °C up to 12 months and protect it from direct sunlight.

The cellulose film is an eco-friendly material used for packing confectionery and chocolate products as well as pasta, chips and crisps. It is also widely used when packaging smoked, boiled or roasted cold meat  products. Due to its characteristics the cellulose film lets in smoke and steam very efficiently,  simultaneously constituting a barrier for flavors and aromas. Thanks to the use of the cellulose film, products do not lose their moisture and maintain their juiciness.

The cellulose film is available in the following color versions: transparent, caramel or dark brown.
The cellulose film is available in the form of rolls.

The cellulose film is available in the form of rolls.

A list of available sizes is presented in the table below.

Bushing diameter [mm]

Width x length


400 mm x 50 m


480 mm x 50 m


600 mm x 50 m


680 mm x 50 m


400 mm x 100 m


480 mm x 100 m


600 mm x 100 m


680 mm x 100 m


400 mm x 200 m


480 mm x 200 m


600 mm x 200 m


680 mm x 200 m


300 mm x 500 m


400 mm x 1000 m

The cellulose film is also available in the form of sheets of standard dimensions:

– full size 1200 x 1000 mm;
– half size 1000 x 600 mm;
– quarter size 600 x 500 mm.
– 600 x 700 mm;
– 600 x 900 mm

At the individual request we can prepare sheets of any size.

The cellulose film is available in rolls with beams measuring 50 m, 100 m and 200 m. Each roll is packed in a polypropylene film and provided with a label stating the following information: product name, area density, weight, size and length of the beam, the diameter of the bushing, the net weight and the date of manufacture. The rolls are placed in a bulk container (carton) containing a label with information about the type of the film and the quantity of rolls in the container. Depending on the diameter of the roll, the carton can hold from 6 to 20 rolls. For large orders cartons are palletized.

The sheets are wrapped in the polypropylene film in the amounts ranging from 5 to 20 kg, depending on the width of the sheet.



The company F.H.U. NET-POL® Teresa Kaźmierska based in Warsaw is a family company with many-years’ traditions, which has been operating on the Polish market since 1991. Since that time, we have been supplying the meat, poultry, dairy and confectionery industries with the cold meat nettings, strings and cellulose film.

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