The company F.H.U. NET-POL® Teresa Kaźmierska based in Warsaw is a family company with many-years’ traditions, which has been operating on the Polish market since 1991. Since that time, we have been supplying the meat, poultry, dairy and confectionery industries  with the cold meat nettingsstrings and cellulose film, which are mainly used for the production and packaging of cold meat, cheese, confectionery and chocolate products, pasta, chips and crisps. Our products are also used by the nursery and  gardening companies.

We are a direct distributor of cold meat nettings and a direct importer of the cellulose film (cellophane) from the UK.

Main products offered by the NET-POL® company are the most commonly used:

  • elastic nettings made of polyester and rubber with different strengths of the grip;
  • elastic nettings of the Q-NET type – commonly referred to as stockings;
  • non-elastic decorative nettings of the WENZA and ROMBY types;
  • elastic nettings of the BIG-NET type – nettings imitating manual tying
  • cellulose film – natural biodegradable film;
  • cold meat string.

Modern and constantly improved machines allow us to produce goods that are able to meet the diverse needs of our Customers in Poland and around the world. We assist our Customers in choosing the best product so that the goods manufactured by them have their own unique character and stand out from the others.

Raw materials used for the manufacture of our products:

  • we purchase them from known, reliable, trustworthy and responsible producers;
  • we oversee the technological process from start to finish so that the final product is always of the highest and consistent quality.

The NET-POL®  company’s activities have been recognized by many recipients cooperating with our company since its inception. All of our Customers, both new and long-term ones can count on expert advice and prompt assistance in solving their daily tasks. We find inspiration to create new products in our conversations with producers. 

We work directly with many large plants, and we reach the small ones through the established network of distributors.

The motto of our company: PRODUCT QUALITY  IS MOST IMPORTANT.

We hope that the cooperation between us will bring you much satisfaction and benefits.